Monday, November 21, 2011


Well, hello there, thanks for being here once again, and thanks for being you. But mostly, thanks for being here, with the full intent of listening to episode 3: Intersection Songs!

This week, we took a handful of great songs by some great artists that describe particular intersections and talk about their individual stories, and how those intersections have evolved since the songs were published. Sounds neat, huh?
Have a listen here, and it should be on iTunes very soon!

Songs in today's show.
1. The Ramones - "53rd & 3rd" - City: NEW YORK - Street View
2. Tom Waits - "9th & Hennepin" (1985) - City: MINNEAPOLIS/TOM'S BRAIN - Street View
3. Good Riddance - "Queen & John" (1999) - City: TORONTO - Street View
4. The Afghan Whigs - "Fountain & Fairfax" (1993) - City: LOS ANGELES - Street View
5. The Dismemberment Plan - "13th & Euclid" (1993) - City: WASHINGTON DC - Street View

We hope you enjoy it! Once again, The Casual Geographer in socialmedialand:

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and to our friends abroad, a great rest of the week. It's almost December!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Episode Two: "Diving with Dennis"

Abel, Bret, and Tyler are joined by their friend and local master diver Dennis, who gives us the low-down on just what it takes to master the fine art of spending quality time under the sea. Everything you needed to know about the geography of Scuba, but were afraid to ask. Or, just hadn't had a reason to, yet.

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Extra Details:
Produced by Tyler
Theme song by The Dismemberment Plan
Closing Music by Dio

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